Fall Protection - Body Harness

Guardian Fall Protection

Products such as body harness, shock absorbing lanyards, cross-arm straps and lifelines for construction workers, and other hazardous work environments that require safety harness fall protection equipment. Falls are the leading cause of injuries in construction sites. OSHA has strict ANSI and CSA requirements and standards for fall protection equipment use. ANSI Z359.1-2007 standards establishes the safety requirements for personal fall arrest systems, subsystems, and fall protection components. For further information regarding the new ANSI Standard and the role of ASSE visit here to go to their website.

Robust and Durable Fall Protection Equipment at ASA Supplies


Fall Injuries are a leading cause of work-related fatalities and injuries and the most frequent cause of amputations. Fall protection equipment is required to ensure the safety of workers operating on scaffoldings or high-altitude tasks. Fall Protection includes everything from arrest systems to slings and ropes. 

ASA Supplies brings you high-quality equipment that offers protection and safety from fall injuries or other lethal hazards. All our equipment guarantees 100% durability and robustness during operations. 

Products We Provide

Some of our standard and most demanded fall protection equipment includes: 

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