Flame Retardant Clothing

Fire-resistant work clothing for shipyards, ocean vessels, gas and oil field available in different style and colors. These garments are designed to provide protection against flames and thermal dangers. Industries where workers are exposed to fire, heat, or arc flash hazards, such as firefighting, oil and gas extraction, electrical utilities, and welding are subject to various standards and regulations depending on the danger involved. We provide dependable cotton coveralls with reflective stripes or work shirts, pants, and jackets that meet ASTM and NFPA safety standards and safeguards workers from fire, heat, and arc flach related hazards in various industries.

  • ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 ATPV 8.2 CAL/CM2 (HAF 69.1%)
  • ASTM F1506
  • NFPA® 2112
  • NFPA® 70E