High Visibility Clothes

High Visibility Clothes and Safety Products at ASA Supplies

High visibility safety clothes are articles of clothing that make the wearer more visible in low-light conditions. The most common type is a fluorescent garment worn by construction and maintenance workers, site surveyors, and tow-truck operators; these wearers usually cover the arms. Construction workers and other heavy equipment operators may also wear yellow or orange safety vests to increase visibility.

High visibility safety clothing is usually made of fluorescent orange or yellow colored nylon cloth. This type of fabric provides good color contrast with most backgrounds, especially at close range. Fluorescent colors are also visible at greater distances than other colors in low-light conditions.

ASA Supplies offers high visibility clothes for industrial use that you can purchase from our online store. All the safety clothing available in our online store is made from 100% quality material and fulfills OSHA safety standards. 

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