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Welding jackets and accessories that help protect workers from arc flashes and sparks are available at ASA, LLC. Welders have to be comfortable and properly protected when working with welding equipment such as torches and other tools. When used in combination with other safety products and using a ventilation guide for weld fumes, workers can be safe and your company can be compliant to safety regulations in ANSI Z49.12012 for safety in welding, cutting, and related processes in robotic arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and friction welding. In brief, Z49.1 states that clothing shall provide sufficient coverage, and be made of suitable materials, to minimize skin burns caused by sparks, spatter, or radiation. Shop management is a critical part of a safe job. Industrial hygienists, supervisors, managers should always address safe practices for performing welding, cutting, and other allied processes in the welding environment.

High-Quality Welding Jackets at ASA Supplies

A welding jacket is a type of protective equipment that is typically worn by someone involved in the process of welding. The jacket has several different purposes. It can be used to prevent spatter from landing on the welder's sleeves and wrists, as well as the front and back parts of their body. A welding jacket may also protect the welder from sparks that can come off from incompletely extinguished molten metal or wire insulation. It also provides a barrier between a welder and sharp edges, such as those found at a cutting table.

ASA Supplies brings you high-quality welding jackets for small and large-scale industrial operations. You can select one from our online store according to your preferences. 

Products We Provide

Besides this outerwear, we also have protective goggles and gloves if you have other operations followed by welding in an industrial setting.