First Aid Products

Bulk First Aid Supplies

First aid products are ready when minor cuts and bruises strike, American Safety Associates, LLC has construction first aid kits and supplies you need. We carry all sizes of filled first aid cabinets as well as firstaid supply's refills for emergency medicine cabinets for all industrial, commercial, and residential users. View our wide assortment of bulk first aid unitized refill items such as topical antiseptics, burn cream, adhesive tape, and over the counter generic medication such as aspirin, sore throat tablets, and other staple medication.

First Aid Products for Industrial Emergencies at ASA Supplies

First Aid products are emergency supplies used to treat mild illness, wound treatment, or other related issues. The primary use of these products is to handle any emergency medical situation or an injury in the workplace or school until professional help arrives.

Products we Provide

First-aid is applied to meet an immediate need that arises when there is no hazard in exposure to a chemical or biological agent that may have been spilled or contracted through contact with an infected individual.

We at American Safety Associates, LLC understand the medical emergency that may arrive in any industrial setting and therefore bring you the best kits available in the market today. You can select from our store according to your preferences.