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Ear plugs and hearing protection devices such as earplugs and ear muffs decrease the intensity of sound that reaches the eardrum as well as keeps away dust or particulates. They vary in NRR db and come from different manufacturers such as 3M  hearing protection, Moldex Jazz Band, Howard Leight Max-Lite, Bilsom Viking and North. Personal protective equipment ppe products like are part of an overall safety OSHA program for any workplace. The effectiveness of hearing protection ear plugs is reduced greatly if the hearing protectors do not fit properly. Manufacturers generally provide information about the noise-reducing capability of hearing protection as an NRR (noise reduction rating) number in their box of ear plugs. The higher the NRR number the better the attenuation and noise reductions. There are three types of earplugs for hearing protection. Foam or memory foam is the widely used by industrial workers. Bulk ear plugs made of memory foam like Max-Lite corded earplugs are compressed and placed in the ear canal where the earplug expands and conforms to the ear canal opening. The other type of ear plugs is made from silicone. These are pre-molded ear plugs and may come is a small size for users with smaller ear canals.

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During industrial use, your ears remain exposed to a variety of audible dangers. Hearing damage is most often thought of as an inevitable consequence of aging, but it can also be caused by being exposed to high levels of noise at any age. It's vital for people exposed to high levels of noise regularly to take steps to protect their hearing. By wearing hearing protection every time they are around loud noises, these individuals can prevent irreversible hearing loss. 

ASA Supplies brings you soundproofing hearing protection equipment that protects your hearing sensitivity while giving you access to outside noise. 

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Some of the most durable and highly demanded hearing protection equipment in our store includes: