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Insulated clothing is specialized cold weather clothing for individuals working in cooler rooms, freezer storage areas, refrigerated trucks, or frigid temperatures. PPE equipment for refrigerated warehouse and cold storage clothing like freezer suits and freezer clothing must be designed for comfort and protection for climate-controlled environments, refrigerated logistics, or for polar chill and dangerous cold snaps while working outdoor. These freezer gear clothing are -50 degrees insulated gear made with taffeta lining and high quality insulation. There are two types of insulation fill used in freezer wear coats and cold storage workwear. One is a lower count fill of 7 oz of insulation used in light-duty freezer jackets and its ideal for coolers where a comfort rating is 15 degrees Fahrenheit or -9 Celsius. The second fill is a higher density of 11.25 oz insulation that is made for our extreme cold weather clothing.

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A freezer suit is an insulated garment worn by people working in a cold chain logistics environment to provide increased insulation without the bulk. It was initially designed for industrial environments, but industrial users can also use it to handle materials in cold-temperature storage while transporting them to another location. Freezer suits typically consist of insulated coveralls and pac boots, and they may also include an optional face mask and head covering. If you have industrial operations that work in extreme temperatures, you need a suit to let your team effectively work without hurdles.

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Some of the most popular extreme freezer wear clothing that we have in our store include:

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