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OSHA says hard hats for head impact protection of employees exposed to high heat voltage, bumps, falling debris, electrical shock and burns should be a normal practice of workplace safety. ANSI Type I / CSA Type 1 construction helmet meet stringent vertical impact and penetration requirements for hard hat safety. ANSI Type II / CSA Type 2 hard hats meet both vertical and lateral impact and penetration requirements and have a foam inner liner of expanded polystyrene. A Class E safety helmet and carbon fiber hard hat have been proof-tested to insulate up to 20,000 volts of electrical potential hazard and required for electrical safety when working in high voltage areas. Construction safety helmets can also be fitted with safety products accessories like flash light holders, pencil holders, earmuffs, mounted headgear and face shields as well as sun protection visors for users working in the heat. Construction workers and others can chose different hat colors and cap styles that use different attachments.

Hard Hats and Helmets for Head Protection at ASA Supplies

Hard hats are pieces of protective gear that are meant for head protection. These pieces of headgear are made out of various materials to provide the necessary head protection. The most popular materials that american hard hats are made out of are plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Work helmets are most commonly used in construction work of all kinds, including building, roadwork, and various other fields. Hard hats are worn by people who need to protect their heads from falling objects like tools or nails. Hard hats can also be used as protection against falling objects like rocks or asphalt. Hard hats on construction sites must meet general requirements that include the ability to protect against falling objects, resist electrical current, and be resistant to penetration.

American Safety Associates, LLC is a premium headgear and PPE equipment provider that offers a range of hard hats for construction and industrial use. Use the appropriate safety helmet to reduce the chances of injuries due to environmental hazards during the commencement of fieldwork. 

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