Hard Hat With Integrated Lens

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Hard hat with intergrated lens is designed to protect your head from impact from bumps and falling objects. The modular design facilitates the mounting of ear and face ppe for wleding and other industrial applications. The hard hat with glasses is made of polyethylene which is lightweight yet strong and durable. It is designed a 3 point chin strap and has a 3.5 cm front brim for optimal upward vision. The safety glasses easily slides up or down the hard hat and provides ANSI approved eye protection. The lens are made of polycarbonate material that offers protection against impact from debris and particle from any direction, sparks, and intense light. 

  • Intergrated safety glasses/lens
  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I-Class E
  • Cap style safety helmet
  • For general use in construction, manufacturing, waehousing