Cryogenic Safety Gloves

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Cryogenic safety gloves are designed for superior thermal protection in ultra cold environments and cryogenic liquids. Water resistant mid arm 12" gloves with added safety in the palms for enhanced grip and durability. Cryo hazmat gloves are comfortable and lightweight while providing dexterity for handling of small items. Ideal work cryo gloves for Laboratories, Frozen Food Processing, Aerospace, Welding Supply Companies, Pharmaceuticals, and for handling cryogen liquids or dry ice hand protection. These vapor freezer gloves are mid length to the forearm area and are not meant for immersing in cryogenic liquids or liquid nitrogen rather to handle biological samples products only, handle products from controlled rate freezer, and for vapor shippers. Made in the USA and sold by the pair.


  • For ultra-cold applications down to -196°C (-320°F)
  • Meet EU standards for CE Cat. II: EN 511, EN 388, EN 420
  • Fertility Clinic
  • Cryogenic grinding
  • Cryo freezers
  • Refrigerated liquid baths
  • LN atmospheres and environments
  • Genetic and Bio Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial
  • Bio-Medical 
  • Used for liquid nitrogen and flammable gasses
  • Criogenica