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The Tyvek 400 coverall, a DuPont protective suit, is an essential disposable coverall that excels as chemical protective clothing, making it an ideal hazardous materials suit for industrial safety gear, protective workwear, construction safety suits, agricultural protective clothing, and pharmaceutical safety coveralls.
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All-Day Chemical Protection: Tyvek 400 Coverall for Hazardous Environments

When you need reliable protection, the Tyvek 400 Coverall with Hood is your ultimate defense. Designed by DuPont, a leader in protective gear, this coverall offers a robust barrier against dust, liquids, viruses, and other hazardous materials. The reinforced seams at high-stress areas ensure durability, while the attached hood, low lint, and anti-static properties provide comprehensive head-to-toe protection. Whether you are working in agricultural fields, construction sites, or pharmaceutical labs, this coverall ensures you stay safe and comfortable. Trust in Tyvek’s legacy of quality to keep you shielded in the most demanding environments.

Engineered for Maximum Mobility

Work Freely and Efficiently

The Tyvek 400 Coverall is engineered to offer not just protection, but also the freedom to move. With greater range of motion and additional room on the back, you can perform your tasks without restriction. The zippered front allows for easy donning and doffing, while the collar adds an extra layer of protection. This coverall is perfect for environments where flexibility is as crucial as safety. Whether you’re handling asbestos, managing pharmaceutical production, or engaging in construction work, the Tyvek 400 ensures you can move confidently and efficiently, knowing your safety gear won’t hold you back.

Reliable All-Day Chemical Defense

Comprehensive Chemical Permeation Resistance

For those working in environments with low-concentration, water-based inorganic chemicals, the Tyvek 400 Coverall provides level B/C chemical permeation all-day protection. This disposable suit is designed to withstand various chemicals, making it an essential part of your protective equipment arsenal. The barrier protection not only keeps you safe from harmful substances but also gives you peace of mind to focus on the task at hand. Ideal for cleanup operations, chemical handling, and agricultural applications, the Tyvek 400 ensures you remain protected throughout your workday.


  • Provides Level “C” Hazmat Protection
  • Case of 25 coveralls
  • Zipper features a semi-automatic locking slider allowing the puller to stay down and in a locked position
  • Attached respirator-fit hood with elastic around face opening, designed to cover neck and chin and fit around respirator face mask
  • Elastic opening for tighter fit at wrist and ankle

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