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Tyvek Coverall with hood provides barrier protection from dust, liquids, viruses and other hazardous materials. Dupont makes coveralls with collar, zipper, and reinforced seems at high stress areas and greater range of motion and more room on the back for you to move freely. Attached hood on protective suit provides protection on the head area with its low lint and anti static properties. These sturdy clean up chem disposable suits provide excellent protection in many work environments. You can safely work in agricultural, construction, asbestos, pharmaceutical settings with peace of mind that you will be protected. Level B/C chemical permeation all-day protection against a range of low-concentration, water-based inorganic chemicals 

Case of 25 Tyvek Dupont coveralls with integrated hood. 

  • Provides Level “C” Hazmat Protection

Tyvek Hooded Coveralls with Chem Suit - By Tyvek Coveralls in Bulk Online Today!