Security Rain Jacket

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Remain dry and secure in our Black PVC/Polyester Security Rain Jacket. Expertly crafted to repel water and moisture, this stylish yet functional rain jacket ensures your protection on rainy days or in challenging weather conditions.
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Black Security Rain Jacket: Stay Dry and Secure

Stay dry and secure with our Black PVC/Polyester Security Rain Jacket. Engineered to repel water and moisture effectively, this sleek rain jacket is designed to keep you protected during rainy days or inclement weather conditions. The bold "SECURITY" lettering, prominently displayed on the front left chest and center back in white, ensures clear identification and visibility.

Crafted for comfort and functionality, this rain jacket boasts a detachable drawstring hood, allowing for customizable coverage as per your preference. Its strategic ventilation panels on the back and underarms enhance breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable even during extended wear.

Equipped with snap closures on the front and sleeves, this Security Rain Jacket provides added protection against water ingress, keeping you dry and focused on the task at hand. Whether you're on duty or out and about, this versatile rain jacket offers reliable performance and peace of mind.


  • SECURITY” printed on the back and left cheast pocket area. 
  • Ventalation on the underarm and back 
  • Detachable hood with drawstring and has snap closures
  • Four-snap frontal closures to take off the security jacket
  • Snap sleeve closure allows you to open the cuffs for additional ventilation
  • Lightweight and water-resistant material construction

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