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Work Rain Gear

Rain suits, raincoats, and other rain gear are designed to keep workers dry whether its from water pressure cleaning an industrial machine or from rainy days. We carry construction rain jacket in heavy-duty PVC plastic rain suits for public safety and police as well as bib pants and rubber boots for fishermen in our rainwear department. Our protective safety rain gear for police officers has a detachable hood and is the top choice for our South Florida police departments. We also carry Class 3 work raincoat with high visibility reflective tape for work areas that require added standards of visibility of work safety in areas such as construction sites or road work where high vehicle traffic is a safety concern.

Industrial Rain Suits at ASA Supplies

Industrial rain suits are usually worn by people who work in extreme weather conditions. They might be workers in the rain, snow, and snow-blowing operations. The rain gear is made out of thick, rubberized material and has a double zipper. It can be purchased as one piece or as separate pants and jackets. Industrial employers usually buy a suit to provide their employees with protection against rain and snow.

The rain suit is often used by construction workers, landscapers, or people who work on fishing vessels. If worn together with a cap, it can protect the wearer from rain, wind, and even sunburn. Some of our insulated rain gear provides warmth during winter ice rains if your work requires you to be in icy conditions. 

Products We Provide

All our rain work gear is easily combined with other PPE equipment in our store for added protection and durability. Select from a range of gear from our store according to your requirements.