PVC Acid Chemical Suit

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PVC acid chemical suit for hazardous environment protection made of flame resistant 3 ply material. Shield yourselves against potential dangers in gas, petrochemical, oilfield, and other industrial settings with this green flame-resistant workwear.
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Industrial-grade PVC Acid Suit: Unrivaled Protection for Professionals

Acheive safety and security with our PVC Acid Chemical Suit. The Chem Shield 96 Series is crafted from .42mm 3-ply Green PVC/Nylon/PVC combined material, this suit sets the standard for industrial protection. Engineered for those operating in petroleum plants, energy fields, and gas industries, it offers comprehensive defense against a range of hazardous substances.

  • Superior Protection: Designed as a level C suit, our PVC Acid Chemical Suit ensures optimum safety without compromising on comfort. Its robust construction provides superior snag resistance, safeguarding against acids, alkalis, salts, and oils.

  • Unmatched Durability: Built to endure the rigors of demanding environments, this suit boasts a non-conductive storm fly front with snap buttons, along with a protective attached hood. Its laminated flame-resistant fabric meets or exceeds ASTM D6413 for flame resistance and ASTM F903 for resistance to penetration by liquids.

  • Versatile Utility: From offshore mechanics to electrical rig operators, hydraulic mechanics to petrochemical workers, this suit caters to a wide array of industries. Ideal for gas and oil industry work, chemical plant maintenance, food processing, and chemical handling, it offers versatility without compromise.

Rubber chemical suit flame resistant per ASTM F903 & liquid resistance penetration per ASTM D6413


  • PVC on Polyester
  • Zipper front closure with storm flap
  • Coverall style for full body coverage
  • Wide leg design
  • Tested to ASTM D6413
  • Liquid penetration (ASTM F903)

ASTM F903: Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to Permeation by Liquids/Gases

Sulfuric Acid (98%): 150 minutes

Nitric Acid (70%): 420 minutes

Normalized Breakthrough Time (minutes) per BT criteria of 0.1 ug/cm2*min

Acetonitrile - Pass

1,2 Dichloroethane - Fail

Ethanolamine - Pass

Ethyl Acrylate - Pass

Formaldehyde - Pass at 37% concentration

Hexanes - Pass

Hydrochloric Acid - Pass at 37% concentration

Hydrofluric Acid - Pass at 48% concentration

Kerosene - Pass

Methyl Ethyl Ketone - Fail

Methylene Chloride - Fail

Mineral Spirits (Naphtha) - Pass

Sodium Hydroxide - Pass at 70% concentration

Sodium Hypochlorite - Pass

Styrene - Fail

Toluene - Fail

1,1,1 - Trichloroethane - Fail