Protective Clothing - PPE Wear

Personal Protective Equipment

Protective clothing and PPE wear (refers to personal protective equipment) are made of various materials including spun-bond polypropylene, SMS, Tyvek, fire-resistant fabric and other materials that provide comfortable protection against virus, dust, splashes, hazardous dry particles, asbestos, grease, and light chemicals and are also FR - fire retardant. Oil and gas safety supply specialty clothing for oil workers is a must and can be purchased directly if your company does not provide it for you. These ppe work clothes and protective gear are perfect for oil and energy workers, hazardous liquids delivery drivers, and industrial workers that may need fire, spark protection while conducting their work.

High Durability PPE Wear at ASA Supplies

PPE wear is protective clothing that is made from a wide range of materials to resist physical hazards. PPE garments can be easily purchased at our online store as we have many types of protective clothing available to choose from. Fabrics for protective garments can also be selected from a variety of options. All protective clothing have the safety standards needed to work in asbestos removal, nurseries,  demolition clean-up, hazardous removal, and much more. These protective garments will protect your skin against certain types of hazards such as chemical spills or electricity. 

Our protective clothing can help people to do their jobs without getting hurt. With protective clothing, you will stay safe, and you will be able to protect yourself from objects that cause harm and danger to any part of your body. Our range of protective clothing is made from fabrics like cotton and other durable materials that are flame/chemical retardant and offer resistance against specific hazards to meet protective standards.

Products We Provide

Some of our widely used PPE wear and protective clothing range includes:

We have protective clothing that is also comfortable and protective against specific hazards; you will stay safe when wearing protective clothing from our protective wear store. We sell protective apparel which can offer protection from a variety of risks in the workplace.