ChemTek Hazmat Gloves

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Experience the resilience of ChemTek Hazmat Gloves, meticulously crafted from robust 14 mil Butyl for superior performance in demanding conditions. With a length of 14 inches and a textured finish, these chemical-resistant gloves offer enduring protection and ensures sustained effectiveness in challenging environments.
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ChemTek Hazmat Gloves, meticulously crafted from premium-grade 14 mil Butyl material, specifically engineered to thrive in the most demanding conditions. With a formidable build designed to tackle tough challenges, these gloves are your ultimate defense against harmful chemicals.

Measuring a generous 14 inches in length, ChemTek Hazmat Gloves offer extended coverage and protection for your hands and wrists. Their rough finish ensures a secure grip even in slippery conditions, while their superior hydrocarbon resistance guarantees long-lasting durability, making them an indispensable asset in your workplace arsenal.

Whether you're working in aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, medical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, or research facilities, ChemTek Hazmat Gloves provide the peace of mind and security you need when handling hazardous substances. Their unparalleled resistance against aldehydes and esters ensures uncompromised safety, allowing you to focus on your tasks with confidence.

From chemical plants and transportation to acid and alkali handling, these gloves excel in a multitude of applications. They're perfect for managing specialty chemicals and undertaking hazmat work, offering unmatched versatility and reliability to meet the diverse needs of your industry. Invest in your security today and experience unparalleled protection, comfort, and peace of mind in your daily operations. Because when it comes to safety, compromise is never an option.


  • The broadest line of highly resistant chemical protective gloves in the industry
  • Delivers the ketone resistance of natural rubber plus better hydrocarbon resistance
  • Provides the ester resistance of nitrile with improved aldehyde resistance
  • Each pair is packed with an individual insert so critical information is always at your fingertips
  • Sold by the pair.


  • ANSI Abrasion Level 3
  • ANSI Cut Level 0
  • EN388 2000
  • EN374 BLK
  • EN374