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High visibility reflective safety vest are ANSI approved for workers on roadways with high vehicle speeds between 25 and 50 mph. As a safety equipment supplier we have traffic vest for general purpose use and for safety equipment for construction or other applications such as parking attendants or special event staff. There are a few standard for reflective vests and construction vest and safety clothing must adhere to. One of them is from the American National Standard Institute that was first published in 1999 for safety products standards. Class 1 is good for full and undivided attention to approaching traffic. Class 2 safety vest is for workers where greater visibility is desired during inclement weather conditions, complex backgrounds are present. And Class 3 reflective vest are for workers that are exposed to significantly higher vehicle speeds and/or reduced sight distances; the worker and vehicle operator have high task loads, clearly placing the worker in danger.

High-Quality Reflective Safety Vests by ASA Supplies

Wearing a reflective safety vest can significantly decrease the risk of injury for people on the job. These vests are made of reflective materials to ensure that you can be seen at night or in dim light. Safety vests come in many different colors, but it's best to wear one that is either bright yellow or orange because they are most visible.

Construction workers are not the only people who need to wear reflective safety vests. In some places, such as schoolyards, wearing bright colors is required by law! Today, even more than ever, people are aware of the safety risks of working on roofs and high places. Since falls are one of the most common injuries, many workers wear safety vests to help avoid incoming dangers due to visibility issues.

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